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When Massimo Menchi joined the company this also led to a gradual, but inexorable, change in the collection.
Alongside the classic basic items that were the main products up to that point, more and more high quality items and fashion content were added.
Thus began the use, as well as the usual wool, of fine fibres such as mohair, angora, cashmere and alpaca. Menchi Fabrics was one of the first companies to use very rare suri alpaca and it is now the largest textile industry user of this fibre in Europe.

The collection is well defined: in addition to the basic classic fabrics, velour cloth, draps, in relation to which the company is an acknowledged global leader, there are two product lines; a more commercial one, for which all the most creative and fun fabrics have been developed, which is more colourful and has a more moderate price range. The other is more sophisticated and valuable and has a wide range of 100% cashmere, suri alpaca, baby alpaca, baby camel, angora and combed super wool. The latter product line is very much appreciated by the high end of the market.
Thanks to continuous research and the consequent increase in the size of our collection, Menchi Fabrics now has important collaborations with the world’s most important brands.